First blog post

I’ve started this blog as a catharsis process. I recently discovered that my husband of 10 years (partner for 17yrs) has been having an affair and I’m now on the rollercoaster of divorce and all the emotions, feelings and work that it encompasses.

I am also training for the Great North Run, and it was whilst running, the Bon Jovi track ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday Night’ struck a chord with me. It has been two months since I found out, and whilst it’s getting easier, I still feel like a Monday but I do know that I too will one day be ‘Saturday Night’. It was during this run that I decided to start writing about my experiences, and I hope to look back on this one day and see that I did indeed get through it and be stronger and better off for it.

I’m no therapist or life coach, but if my ramblings help anyone else who is going through something similar or if I can support anyone else it will be amazing.

My Dr asked me to keep a mood diary as part of my stress relief, and I thought why not expand on that. So here goes, what will follow will be my daily struggles, triumphs and the start of a new chapter in my life. I also have two very spirited, bright children, who may feature now and then 🙂

Thank you for reading x

3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I welcome you to the club you never wanted to be part of. The fraternity of betrayeds. The good news is there is an amazing, strong, beautiful group of us here at WP and we care, we feel and we are relentless in finding our healing and wholeness.
    i’m so sorry, NoLonger. I’m so very sorry for the shitstorm I know is now your life.
    Ironically, my first post is similarly named to yours. You can find it here if you are interested:
    So three years in, I’d encourage you to do a few things right now…be okay with not being okay (it is an unbelievable emotional rollercoaster), be okay with not making a decision for awhile (most people here, and my therapist, recommended a year and turns out I’m glad), be kind to yourself, and keep writing whatever you want here.
    You are not alone.

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  2. I agree with Shards. You are not alone. There are so many great blogs here. Just be careful that you don’t stumble onto a blog that is about a person who is currently in an affair. Those are difficult to read.

    Take time and know that the roller coaster is real. You are not on it alone, though.


  3. So sorry you’re joining the club. But as SS and IANTA said, blogging and being part of the community of the broken hearted is such a positive step. It’s helped me so much. We all know what you’re going through, completely empathise, feel your pain. It’s a difficult journey: but this place helps you feel you’re not alone.
    Well done for being brave and taking this first step. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


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